Monday, May 30, 2011

Thoughts on Beijing/China and looking for Android tablets (again) in Singapore

Was in Beijing to attend and present at the International Network on Innovative Apprenticeships (INAP). It was the fourth conference with a theme of 'assuring acquisition of expertise: Apprenticeship in the modern economy. The event was hosted by Beijing Normal University who were excellent hosts.

My first time to the motherland, so lots to see and learn, including that the Great Fire Wall blocks access to blogger :( so my posts on the 2 days of the conference will need to await the next day or so when I am able to gain access to wifi to transfer my notes from my ipad to blogger.

Meanwhile, now in Singapore for a week to run workshops on constructive alignment for the IAL which start tomorrow. I return to NZ on Saturday, so only this afternoon to have a good look around for Android tablets for the interactive etextbook project. Visited the Funan IT mall as it is the most convenient and found several shops now have an area set aside to showcase tablets.  The newspapers also offering plans for the Motorola Xoom and the Samsung Galaxy. The iPad still dominates the market. Prices still high with Dell streak for S$788, Samsung Galaxy S$798 and Acer Iconia Tab A500 for S$799. At the lower end of the scale go to the Huawei S7 at S$488, Archos 10 S$599, Creative Ziio 10 at S$399, Viewsonic 10s SS$599. Most promising of the lot seems to the Asus eee Pad at S$699.

Lots of choice and all run Android with the Viewsonic also available with Windows. Purchasing and having the tablets posted across to NZ may be a hassle but will sort things out once we know the project $$ are approved.

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