Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Professor Chan Lee on elearning design

Attended a presentation by Professor Chan Lee from Seoul National University as part of the Institute of Adult Learning - Singapore - monthly Adult Educators' Network (AEN). Professor Chan Lee presented an on 'the new era of elearning design for adult learners'.

 He provided a good summary of the multifarious challenges facing elearning designers who need to design courses that have to assist diverse learners based all around the world.  Various issues include the needs of just in time education, heterogenous cultures, official language to use, costs of long distances, challenges of interaction to maintain education effectiveness and the pull between globalization and localization. He presented an adapted version of ADDIE as ADDPIE (analysis, design, develop, PILOT, implement and evaluate) as an approach to meeting the challenges.

Then provides some examples including an induction programme used by Samsung Electronics to assist employees in 25 countries to learn about the company; examples from the Korean Government initiative the Cyber Home Learning System with videos of online lecture systems, online games to simulate study; and company in house courses from Sumitomo Corporation and the Visa business school.

All in, an interesting overview of work coming from an Asian country and how technology is harnessed in various ways to afford training for multi-national companies and the future potential for use of technology in the Korean school system.

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