Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Use of mobile devices on met in singapore

In Singapore this week for the temasek polytechnic international teaching n learning conference which begins on Wednesday. First up a catch up with the rellies. Did several trips on the mass rapid transport system which is clean, efficient and cheap
capacity was crowded to chocker to fully stuffed!! Seems a lot more crowded then when I visited a couple of years ago. Of note is the prevalence of mobile use.ranging from grannies txting to school kids sharing iPods with one earbud for each person to little tods playing games on PSPs. Also usual business types with smartphones and every other person seems to me poking at a small screen. At least 70% seem to be engaged with some sort of mobile device with those not either reading or sleeping. Will visit a couple oh the technology malls tomorrow which will be techy heaven.

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