Thursday, January 28, 2010

Plans for 2010

2010 will be busy with two externally funded research projects to work on and a busy teaching timetable. I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

With the multimodal research project, the first project should set us up by helping us to work through all the logistical issues involved with doing research in an engineering workshop. Using videos to capture student learning and classroom interactions where the welding torches may be a challenge to video cameras. I have had some industry contacts keen to provide actual workplaces for the next round of this project, so we can then work out the guidelines by the end of 2010 on how to best plan towards how much & what kinds of data need to be collected and the best way to approach the data analysis.

For the ‘perspectives of first year apprentices’ programmes, the crux will be in organising the logistical issues related to getting focus groups together and organising interview times and venues with individual apprentices. Once the data is collected, the data analysis will be relatively straight-forward (compared to the multimodal project!) and I am looking forward to being able to work through the findings.

Most of my teaching will be in the level 6 and 7 parts of the Diploma in Tertiary Learning and Teaching (DTLT). I am keen to align the present material to the overarching philosophies now integrated into the six level five and six ‘foundational’ courses of the DTLT. It will be a process of fine tuning as well as ensuring that the recommendations / suggestions I put forward from the ‘perspectives of new trades tutors’ project are put into place.

I have a few conferences on my list. Already, two papers accepted, one for the Teaching & Learning Conference at Singapore in June which features keynotes from Profesors Stephen Brookfield, David Boud, Diana Laurillard and Associate Professor Gary Poole. The other for the annual Industry Training Federation Research forum in Wellington in April. 

So off to another exciting year  : )


Vee said...

Hi Selena,
just wanted to invite you to the 9th International conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning in the mLearn series (mLearn2010).
Please visit for more information on where and how to submit papers.
Would appreciate if you could circulate this as well, and please feel free to email me back if you want to receive conference promo brochure and poster.
With thanks and best regards
Vanessa Camilleri

Selena said...

Hi Vanessa,

Yes. will endeavour to get to mlearn 2010 in October. Thanks for reminder on paper submission.

All the best, Selena