Thursday, October 01, 2009

efest - eTLC2009 - day 2 afternoon workshop

Thom Cochrane presents on mobile learning with Roger Bateman (Design tutor) from Unitec. Demonstrated use of poll everywhere again which also allows you to embed into a powerpoint. Short history of cell phones including short clip from Lethal Weapon (1987) compared to what is now possible via vodaphone ad. (2008).

Followed by a demonstration of live video feed via qik. Live feed followed by video playback on qik almost immediately. Question followed on privacy on youtube. Students tend to enjoy sharing their work with others online but also important to form community of practices in the form of study groups which assist students in using the technology. Students choose technology based on the context they are working in. Eg. Design students rejected iphones as they did not have good cameras & could take videos which was part of design students’ specific learning direction.

Student work was showcased. Video of a students’ mlearning scenario with photos of drawings etc. on a Nokia N95. Students’ organisation of the end of year grad design show focused on mobility on Prezi including using a qik video, using GPS to show people how to get to the show & photos of how to collect evidence using camera, microphone for her studies. Using fring to chat, twitter etc. Site on ning to archive student work to build sustainable habitats which included discussion forums etc. Mobile integration provides an email link for students to email photos etc. into the site.

Important to find the correct hardware which matches the requirements of the course and the students’ expectations. Use of the technology needs to be seen to be an advantage for the student. WiFi capability on mobile phones or devices important to cut down on costs related to mobile web browsing. Support sites set up on Unitec LMS along with the weekly meetings with students to help with technical challenges.

Thom also showed livestream as a way to store & show case videos. Costs of pre-data is dropping esp. for Vodaphone allowing for photos & videos which cost less than txt messaging.

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