Monday, July 06, 2009

Workshop 2 at Herdsa2009 by Mike Keppel & Dominique Parrish

Second workshop on "transforming higher education through learner orientated assessment" presented by Prof. Mike Keppell from Charles Sturt University & Dominique Parrish from University of Woolongong. Mike started with overview of assessment including differences between summative / formative, assessments of, for and as learning and learning orientated assessments (LOA).

LOA is defined as using assessment tasks as learning tasks, supporting students to become self evaluators and using feedback as 'feed forward.' Based on work by Carless, Joughin & Liu (2006) & Keppell & Carless (2006). For me, it is an offshoot of 'learning design' & student centred learning with assessments being student directed and enhancing learning.

Dominique presented with guidelines on how to achieve transformative change in education using the development of LOA as context. Ten points proposed to assist the process for transformative leaders to assist their team / organisation towards sustainable & dramatic change.