Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Prezi came via Ignatia webs. It’s a interesting presentation tool which provides a visually exciting alternative to the ubiquitous powerpoint. There are good examples in the prezi showcase including this one on why blog.

A good learning site is included which models the possibilities for using Prezi although less visual / interactive learners will appreciate the manual which provides good summaries.
Prezi is very intuitive to use. When you place an object or text on to your ‘frames’ the prezi wheel appears. This allows you to rotate the object, resize (zoom in/out) or move things around. Very cool!

I had a play and put together a presentation in about an hour, learning as I went along and experimenting with the options. Did not manage to remove some of the ‘frames’ but overall a useable presentation which I will tidy up next week.

The presentation can be assessed via the web or you can download as a zip file and run without actually having to be web connected. File is very large but opened smoothly on to my desktop.
This is possibly the best find so far this year (apart from Google books & xtimeline)