Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Edubloggers to follow

Have set aside one day a week to concentrate on ‘research’ of which mlearning is one. Have been able to put some time to writing three research proposals for funding, one of which is now delivered and awaiting on a decision. The other two are in the draft stage with one due in early May & the other in early June. Also contemplating if I will fill in an application to obtain funding to get across to the US of A for mlearning 2009 as conference attendance funds are low at the moment due to the current economic climate.

This morning, I did a catch up on mlearning to see if there would be new activity in this area. Two bloggers stood out, Jacqui Sharp & Jamin Lietze. Jacqui Sharp has two blogs, one on web 2.0 in education & the other on ICT in teaching & learning. Jamin, a primary school teacher is evaluating eportfolios for use by his school. He does a comprehensive job.

Both are passionate teachers New Zealand teachers which is a good sign for the NZ ICT scene. Their interest in ICT is sparked & fed by the work they do with their students. The both blog regularly, providing examples of their work & using visuals to good effect. Both provide me with good examples of how to set up interesting, exciting to look at & useful blogs. I will use these blogs as examples when I do my usual guest tutor spot on the CPIT ICT Certificate in Adult Teaching course. Not only to show examples of teachers blogging but to provide evidence of the ICT work that young primary school kids are being exposed to as soem of these will be our students at polytech in a few years to come.