Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wisdomap as an eportfolio tool?

Had a look at Wisdomap which came up via Jane Hart’s pick of the day elearning tool. I tend to use mindmaps in some of the sessions I teach. I use it especially when I have content that requires students to also have to put a structure to the content for their own learning. Therefore, the concept used my Wisdomap that allows each node to be extended by text, pictures, videos or websites will be really useful not only for students but also for teachers to organise their lesson resources into one easily accessible place.

I can also see the possibilities for using wisdomap as an ePortfolio tool. Each node in the mindmap could be one area or sub-area of the portfolios. This node can then be expanded with links to text, files that can be text, powerpoint, excel files etc., along with links to photos or videos or to social networking websites. It will be a quick & effective way of putting an ePortfolio together.

Wisdomap offers 3 mindmaps for free, after which there is a payment of £1 per month! Small biccys for unlimited number of mindmaps. The interfaces is user-friendly and it took be less than an hour to put in a ‘adult education summary’ mindmap for a class I am teaching this week. I build up the mind map with various nodes along with text inclusions. Plus also put in relevant websites and a powerpoint summary.

As more of the social networking sites become mainstream, tools like Wisdomap which allow users to link to their existing files and information found on the web will no doubt become the norm. Next item on my wish list is mobile phone compatibility.

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