Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mobile study – multiple choice questions on mobile phones

This site turned up via leonard low’s excellent blog. It’s a site that allows you to put multiple choice questions on to the web and access them via a desktop or a mobile phone. Mobile study proved to be easy to use. It took me less then ten minutes to register and cut and paste multiple choice questions into a quiz. The lay out of multiple choice questions was very easy to set out as well. Questions have to end in a ? and answers are marked with a *. Access via desktop was more or less instantaneous. Access by mobile phone was also easy but the file requires java to be available on your phone to run it.

Both mobile study & wirenode have appeared at a fortuitous time as I am embarking on trying out different ways to deliver formative questions to students’ mobile phones. So we will test all the different permutations to find out which one is most effective from the students’ viewpoint, in particular, the costs of downloading web based multiple choice questions.


Mobile Study Blog said...

Hey Selena,

thanks for the write up.

Our site is still under development and we're very much looking for feedback and suggestion as to how to tailor it to better suit real world needs.

Feel free to drop us a comment on our website or our blog if you have any suggestions.

You can avoid any download charges (by telecom companies) by downloading the app to your computer then uploading it to a phone. Though that's a bit more involved.

Our next blog entry is going to be on tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the site.


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