Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cloud Trade

Checked out Cloud trade - anytime, anywhere digital sharing mentioned by John Biggs on Mobile crunch. Cloud trade allows media in the form of music, photos and videos along with word and pdf files to be shared between mobile phone users. In using Cloud trade, you accumulate points that can then be redeemed via the advertisers who market their products on Cloud trade.

To use Cloud trade, an application has to be downloaded on to the phone (instructions seem to be clear on what to do). You need to register and away you go. Alas, only available in the USA as only supports USA telecom providers. Also, most of the phones are the more high end / smart phones. But does work with Windows mobile 6.0 (including Treo 750), Blackberry plus also Nokia and Samsung phones.

Good concept and a view into things to come (drool), unfortunately might be sometime before Kiwis have access plus when it arrives will be expensive to use.

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