Thursday, June 14, 2007

Excellence in Tertiary Teaching Award 2007

I attended the annual NZ Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards dinner on Tuesday.
I had been awarded one of 10 tertiary teaching excellence awards for this year. The national award follows my award for teaching excellence at the CPIT autumn graduation. CPIT’s internal nominee then puts in a portfolio towards consideration for the National award. Criteria for the portfolio includes evidence of sustained excellence in teaching practice, assessment and evaluation. I was tempted to put together an eportfolio but was advised against it, in case some of the panel were not used to working with digital media.

It was with some excitement and trepidation that I arrived at the Beehive in Wellington as one of the 10 award winners would also find out that they would be the winner of the Prime Minister’s Supreme Teaching excellence award. Each awardee receives $20,000 towards their professional development fund (or towards whatever would enhance their future learning). The winner of the supreme award receives an extra $10,000.

I then found out that I was this year’s Prime Ministers Supreme excellence in teaching award winner. Yippee! All the other awardees were very supportive and collegial. The dinner was very well organised and attended by various vice chancellors / CEOs of polytechs plus the members of the selection panel were also present. All in a good celebration of teaching excellence in Aotearoa.

The award means that I will be able to use the money from the award towards further enhancing my personal professional development. First off would be a studied look at what is available in the form of conferences on mlearning and then a plan to work out how to fit them around my teaching commitments. The money is a great help as I will not have to go through all the usual form filling related to having conferences etc. funded by my school, a big saving in time and energy for me which I can re-focus on to more productive things (like maintaining this blog!)


artichoke said...

Congratulations Selena - and based entirely on how reading your posts catalyses new thinking for me - well deserved

Selena said...

Hi Artichoke,

thank you for you support. My initial objective on this blog, is to archive my resources on mlearning plus also have a place where I can have a bit of a tussle with my thoughts. Having others read the blog is a bonus :)

I must say that I thoroughly enjoy your erudite writing & that you have often caused me to look more closely at my motivations for using technology in my teaching. Keep you the great blogging as I look forward to reading all you posts,